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La Prigioniera/The Prisoner

2018 – Media: pastel on paper, transgender latex panties, latex mask, plaster, enamel, recording. Various dimensions.

The work in this catalogue includes four sculptures and a sound piece that address co-dependence and the nature of addiction to self-destructive relationships.

The first sculpture represents a pelvis with female genitalia—which looks more like a chunk of meat than human flesh. The second one is a fossil-like tract of the intestines, that could also be perceived as a magnification of an umbilical chord. The third sculpture is the head of a species who's constantly hungry and needy, never satisfied, while the fourth one is the trace of a female sex, a negative space of a vagina.

In the sound piece four women whom I met at the Co-Dependent Anonymous meetings anonimously explain what is co-dependence and what is recovery for them.


Editing by Dado Carillo.

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