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Marina Sagona, Eden

Sofia Silva – Eden, 2017

Marina Sagona has been pondering on today’s Divine Comedy, or rather on how Pia de’ Tolomei would be judged if she had been born in 1980, or if Count Ugolino’s exploits were Page Six features.

Paradise would crumble down, Hell would ascend, validated by modern thinking, both would clash in an overturned Eden, represented by Marina Sagona with golden sculptural modern relics. These are the convergence of opposite principles and styles that find equal footing in an overcrowded and multilingual open-Eden where sin and virtue are leveled down, both inspiring boredom.

The golden Midas-Sagona touch includes gold-leafed Art Deco statues, Appropriation, Pop favorites, the cult of food, the most recognizable signs of Christianity (the apple, the egg, the bread, the lamb), decadent Nineteenth-century details, as well as a couple of embracing lovers next to a Hirstian rather than Christian skull.

(Translation by Giovanna Calvino)