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2019 – Single-channel video, sound, color, 25:55 minutes.

The video Self-Portrait is a group of six interviews with six different women, on six different topics.
The first two interviews are colored in green, the third and fourth in white and the fifth and sixth in red. The six protagonists are: Judith Thurman, Ingrid Rossellini, Anna Siciliano, Marina Sagona, Giovanna Calvino and Anna Funder. Judith talks about her upbringing and childhood; Ingrid talks about homesickness and political correctness; Anna talks about anxiety; Marina talks about codependence; Giovanna talks about depression and approval; Anna Funder talks about adolescence and chemical identity.
Through the words of these women, only through the sentences I would completly identify with, my self-portrait takes shape. 

Listen to the talk with Jhumpa Lahiri at the Macro Museum here (in Italian):