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The video Self-Portrait (25:55 minutes) is a group of six interviews with six different women, including myself, on six different topics.
2019 – Media: video.

The first two interviews are colored in green, the third and fourth in white and the fifth and sixth in red. The six protagonists are: Judith Thurman (writer), Ingrid Rossellini (professor), Anna Siciliano (student), Marina Sagona (artist), Giovanna Calvino (author) and Anna Funder (writer). Judith Thurman talks about her parents and her childhood; Ingrid Rossellini talks about being homesick and political correctness; Anna Siciliano talks about the difference between American and Italian upbringing and anxiety; Marina Sagona talks about codependence and abandonment; Giovanna Calvino talks about depression and approval; Anna Funder talks about adolescence and chemical identity.  Through the words of these women, my self-portrait takes shape. I selected the sentences I can identify with completely in the course of the editing.

Listen to the talk with Jhumpa Lahiri at the Macro Museum here (in Italian):