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Ubi Consistam

2019 - Media: enamel on plaster, 5 X 8 X 1 inches and oil stick on paper, 24 X18 inches

Ubi Consistam means stable point, and it is part of the phrase Archimedes allegedly uttered after discovering the law of the lever. It is used to express the idea of a stable location, a foundation, and has evolved to describe, in its psychological sense, an existential position and a search for self-identity.

The work in this catalogue includes thirty small sculptures, divided into two series, Organs and The Five Senses, sixteen drawings titled Passport and the video Self-Portrait (25:55).

The series Organs represents the trace of five human organs: the brain, the trachea, the liver, a tract of the intestins and the heart. Every sculpture measures 5 x 8 x 1 inches.

The Five Senses
The series The Five Senses, represents the touch, the taste, the sight, the hearing and the sense of smell through the negative space of a finger, a tongue, two eyes, a ear and a nose. Each of these sculptures measures 3 x 5 x 1 inches. Both series are done in the colors of green, white and red. 

The drawings are enlarged prints of my American Passport’s pages and measure 24 x 18 inches each one.
Each of the sixteen pages of the passport is illustrated with an American landscape, famous sentences of Presidents and quotes from the Declaration of Independence.
On the prints of these pages I drew my initials in green and red with oil stick, sealing then the entire page with a transparent medium.
The position of the two letters M and S is not random, on the contrary it does highlight specific words that out of context form a new and independent narrative.
I consider my American passport, the object that lets me come and go as I wish, as a work of art in itself, as much as my sculptures or videos, the result of many years of hard work as an artist.