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Your Dream is My Dream

2023 – Media:

Single-channel digital video, sound, color, 17:15 minutes.

Your Dream is my Dream is a film about shared identity and the Jungian concept of collective unconscious.
According to C. G. Jung we are all born with common patterns and ancestral memories, called archetypes, that are the same in different cultures.
The collective unconscious manifests itself mainly through art and dreams, particularly reoccurring dreams, that with minimal variations are indeed the same for all of us.
We are all one, and we all dream the same dreams.
This film is a chorus of reoccurring dreams that can be traced back to four main categories - impossibility, unpreparedness, self-consciousness and loss.
Following a specific and different logic for each category, subtitles give additional body and color to the voices, both in Italian and in English.